The Most Popular Crypto Payment Gateways and Processors


CoinsPaid is best suited for What is a Bitcoin Payment Service that work online and accept electronic payments from customers. Crypto payments are famous for their almost instantaneous transactions. All this is thanks to blockchain or DAG technology, which allows you to make quick transactions regardless of the client’s location and the merchant’s location. At the start of 2021, one Bitcoin was worth $30,000, and its value has since more than doubled before falling below $30,000 again.


The first is that customers pay via their digital wallet, not using a card or other methods such as PayPal. Secondly, and as you can likely guess, customers, pay in cryptocurrency rather than conventional currencies such as GBP, USD, etc. When you choose a crypto payment gateway or just a bitcoin payment gateway for making crypto payments, you need to be very careful. It is worth choosing only the most reliable crypto payment processors with official registration and licensing. In addition, such a gateway must pass a security audit and be free of technical vulnerabilities.

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The risk assessment methodology applied by Scorechain has been verified and can be fully customizable to fit all jurisdictions. Like cash payments, bitcoin payments are made peer to peer, ie they are conducted directly from one person to another without an intermediary like a bank. The bitcoin blockchain records all payments made by any ‘bitcoin participant’. New transactions are updated on the bitcoin blockchain, and an update is sent to all other participants immediately after a transaction. Baxity does not charge a fee for connecting crypto processing to the client’s site, that is, no money transfers from you for the implementation of the system are expected.

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Regulating crypto in a post-FTX world – initiatives and timelines.

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Founded in 2011, whileBitcoin was still in its early stages, they set out to revolutionize the financial industry – making payments faster, more secure, and less expensive globally. BitPay pioneered blockchain payment technology to transform how businesses and people send, receive and store money worldwide. A decade later, BitPay is still creating more tools and services for everyone to use in innovative ways. With more and more companies interested in diversifying their assets by investing in crypto, a fiat to cryptocurrency payment gateway offers a quick and easy way to do this.

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Thanks to new payment approaches, the customer base is growing and, accordingly, the company’s profits. For international businesses, purchasing and selling entirely in bitcoin eliminates the need to manage multiple currency accounts. All that is needed is a single bitcoin wallet to make payments anywhere in the world. The payments, although not instantaneous, are fast, secure and confidential.

  • With no credit card numbers for someone to steal, it’s safe and secure.
  • Ikajo owns its very own fraud and chargeback prevention software in order to protect its merchants.
  • CoinPayments has been helping businesses accept cryptocurrencies all over the world for the best part of a decade.
  • If you invested £300 at its peak, this would be worth £246.54 in December 2022.
  • Also, the Bitcoin to fiat exchange rate is secured at the time of sale, avoiding any fluctuations in the market.

Bitcoin’s exchange rate is highly volatile, so the exchange rate at which the sender obtains bitcoin could differ substantially from the exchange rate at which the recipient converts bitcoin to currency. Both therefore face potentially large losses due to adverse exchange rate movements. Exchanging bitcoin for local currency immediately on receipt helps to reduce this risk, but it does not eliminate it. With our help you can add Bitcoin as a payment method to your store quickly and easily, and allow customers to checkout in a safe and simple way.

Reasons Businesses Should Accept Crypto Payments

Volatility is the problem that puts transaction fees in the shade. There’s no point in saving a percentage point on processing costs if the currency you’re trading in loses 10% of its value in a week. “The Bitcoin Lightning Network can theoretically replace existing payments for fiat transactions,” says Matkovskyy, who cites Solana Pay as another promising project with low fees.

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In addition, who wish to keep up with the times and offer their customers crypto as a payment method, but are not yet ready to fully plunge into the crypto space, can turn to the crypto payment gateway. The fact is that most crypto payment processors provide a crypto-to-fiat conversion feature, thanks to which you can charge cryptocurrency and settle in fiat. Fiat payment gateway is a portal that connects a bank account with the corresponding payment system.