Tesla on Contract Hire

Tesla on Contract Hire: The Pros and Cons

Tesla has revolutionized the electric car industry with its sleek designs, high-performance capabilities, and futuristic technology. But, along with its premium price tag, many customers also face the decision of whether to buy or lease a Tesla. Contract hire, also known as leasing, is one option to consider.

What is Contract Hire?

Contract hire is a form of car leasing where you pay a monthly fee to use a car for a set period, typically two to four years. At the end of the contract, you return the car to the leasing company. This option is becoming increasingly popular, as it offers many benefits to those who want to drive a new car without the upfront costs associated with buying.

Pros of Contract Hire with Tesla

Lower Monthly Payments

Compared to buying a Tesla outright, contract hire offers lower monthly payments. With a lease, you only pay for the depreciation of the vehicle over the lease term. This means that you only pay for the portion of the car`s value you use, rather than the full value.

No Hassle of Selling the Car

When you buy a car, you have to worry about selling it when you`re ready for a new one. With contract hire, you simply return the car to the leasing company at the end of the agreement. This means you don`t have to worry about selling the car, which can be a hassle, time-consuming, and can result in a lower return on investment.

No Need to Worry about Depreciation

Depreciation is a significant factor in the cost of owning a car. With contract hire, you don`t have to worry about depreciation since you are only paying for the portion of the vehicle`s value you use over the lease term.

Cons of Contract Hire with Tesla

Mileage Restrictions

Most contract hire agreements come with mileage restrictions, which can be a downside for people who drive a lot. If you go over the agreed-upon mileage limit, you will have to pay an excess mileage charge. Therefore, you should make sure you choose a contract hire agreement that suits your driving needs.

No Ownership

When you lease a Tesla, you do not own the car. This means you cannot make any modifications to the vehicle, and you will need to return the car in its original condition at the end of the lease. If you prefer to own your car, buying a Tesla may be a better option.

Costs Associated with Wear and Tear

When you return the car at the end of the lease, the leasing company will assess the vehicle`s condition. Any wear and tear beyond normal usage will result in additional charges. Therefore, you need to ensure you take care of the car during the lease term.


Contract hire with Tesla has its pros and cons. It can be an affordable and hassle-free option for those who want to drive a new electric car without the upfront costs of buying. However, it`s essential to weigh the benefits and drawbacks before making a decision to lease a Tesla. Consider your driving habits, needs, and lifestyle before deciding whether contract hire is the right option for you.