Huron Perth Catholic District School Board Collective Agreement

The Huron Perth Catholic District School Board (HPCDSB) recently reached a new collective agreement with its employees. This agreement, which covers the period of September 1, 2019, to August 31, 2022, outlines the terms and conditions of employment for all HPCDSB staff.

One of the key highlights of the agreement is the salary increase for teachers. Over the three-year period of the agreement, teachers will receive a salary increase totaling 4.25%. This increase will be distributed over three different stages:

– September 1, 2019 – a retroactive increase of 1%

– September 1, 2020 – an additional 1.25%

– September 1, 2021 – another increase of 2%

In addition to the salary increase, the agreement also includes improvements to benefits and working conditions. For instance, employees will now have access to a flexible benefits plan, which will allow them to customize their benefits to meet their individual needs. The plan includes options for health, dental, and life insurance, as well as flexible spending accounts.

The agreement also includes language around working conditions, such as provisions for workload and workload monitoring. These provisions will help ensure that employees are not overburdened with work and that their workload is reasonable and manageable.

Another important aspect of the agreement is the commitment to equity and diversity. The HPCDSB has committed to ensuring that its staff reflect the diversity of its students and community, as well as providing training and resources to support diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Overall, the new collective agreement is a positive development for both the HPCDSB and its employees. It provides fair compensation, benefits, and working conditions, while also supporting diversity and inclusion in the workplace. This agreement is a testament to the HPCDSB`s commitment to its employees and its community, and it will help ensure that both are able to thrive in the years to come.